Customized Designs

Rapid implementation of tailored type designs, which specially adapts to individual constraints, is one main focus of Valvo Bauelemente GmbH.


Any new in-house design comes in a common process and close interaction with our customers, in order to achieve the optimal product with the shortest possible lead time. This essentially includes providing design samples and prototypes in a very narrow time frame.

To characterize customized designs typically following information is required:

  • Product type (circulator, isolator, etc.)

  • Operational frequency and bandwidth

  • Average or continuous wave power handling capability

  • Peak power handling including pulse length definition

  • Output reflection conditions

  • Matching

  • Isolation

  • Insertion loss

  • Operational temperature

  • Cooling conditions

  • Dimensions and fixing

  • Connectors respectively waveguide type

  • Port assignment

If applicable additional information may be required as well:

  • Phase matching within a group
  • Monitors
  • Tuning elements
  • Linearity requirements
  • Environmental constraints

Normally whether a moderate adaption of a standard type, a derivative of an existing one or finally a completely new design from scratch is preferable, strongly depends on the quantity perspective of the product in question.